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PVC is the best insulation material on the market for windows and doors. It requires a minimum of maintenance – simply wipe clean with soap and water when needed – and it can be 100% recycled.
Deceuninck PVC windows and doors, sliding doors, louvre shutters and roller shutters provide the absolute top in insulation.
All our PVC windows and doors are available in a broad range of colours and finishes.

They retain their beauty for years with a minimum of maintenance: a sponge and a bucket of water is all that is needed. It’s that simple.
Low maintenance, colour fast, long-lasting PVC gives your home or building an elegant look that will last for years. No more painting or staining, simply wipe clean and your PVC product will look as good as new.

Plus, PVC is the best insulating material for windows and doors. When insulating windows and doors, not only the glazing should be considered. The insulating properties of all the elements play an important role in determining the total insulating value of your door or window. No wonder that Deceuninck PVC products have earned their reputation as part of many low-energy housing designs.

Moreover, products made of PVC can last 50 years and more, and at the end of their life, they can be fully recycled. Deceuninck, for example, uses recycled PVC in its Cyclefoam noise reduction walls along highways, airports and railways. PVC’s high insulating values and 100% recyclability contribute to energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions for the life of the product, and beyond.

Prestige offset

Arcade frontdoor

System Elite-Arcade / I 71.5 C
5-chamber embodiment
Elite I 71.5 C is a premium quality and very popular product line from our range. We are continuously improving it and can therefore offer optimised noise protection, thermal insulation, and enhanced stability. The profile is suitable for the most varied of applications and requirements / for knowledgeable private builder or the contractor valuing the highest quality. Elite I 71.5 C prove these values continuously in all fields.

Elite I 71.5 C3
Uf-value 1,3 W/m²K
Noise insulation values of up to 44 dB (SSK 4)
Water tightness tested to 9A (600 Pa)
available stepped

01 / Elite I 71.5 C3
02 / Elite I 71.5 C3 front plate

Arcade organic round I 71.5 C5
Uf-value 1,3 W/m²K
Noise insulation values of up to 44 dB (SSK 4)
Semi flush and fully recessed design

01 / Arcade organic I 71.5 C5
02 / Arcade organic I 71.5 C5 french mullion

Residential door Elite – I 71.4 C3
Large-sized reinforcements made from welded hollow-chamber steel profils/ maximum stability / patented zinc die-cast corner connectors for enhanced stability and burglar protection

I 71.4 C3 / opens outwards
Water tightness tested to 4A (100 Pa)

I 71.4 C3 / opens inwards
Water tightness tested to 4A (100 Pa)